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Hello everyone, my name is Elena Testori, I am 33 and originally from Italy. I have been living in Grand Cayman since January 2013 and I have been working for watersports companies because I love the water, the outdoors and being always active. 

I have been a nanny for a long time in my 20s and I love kids. I decided to open my own company as a sports coach, swimming and tennis instructor in order to combine my love for children and my passion for sports. I have an outgoing and bubbly personality. I am healthy, active, fun and caring. 

I have 7 years experience as soccer coach for both boys and girls aged 10 and under in Italy as well as Grand Cayman. I have been a competitive swimmer from the age of 7 till 14 and I am a real water lover.

Elena Testori


I have played professional football for the team of my home town Bergamo and I have been a regional referee for 3 years. I played in local volleyball and basketball leagues from the age of 14 to 24 and I have also coached tennis during summer camps in Italy.

Although I love and play any kind of sport I have not listened to my mom when she suggested I enrolled in Physical Science University so I have a 3 year bachelor degree in Communication and Marketing from the University of Bergamo.

Since moving to Cayman in early 2013 I attended diving courses and I am now a Divemaster Padi and Dsd leader. I am EFR and CPR trained for Adults and Care for Children and always carry a First Aid Kit everywhere with me.

I also attended several swimming instructor courses: I am an ASCA coach level 1 (American Swimming Coaches association) and a Swimming instructor for babies 4-24 months and children 2-12 years old (with World Aquatic Babies & Children Network). I have supported and worked alongside swimming instructors at the pool where I grew up swimming and where I had my first races with the swim team. I want my students to enjoy swimming and love the water and the outdoors as much as I do and I think there is no better place than Cayman for this.


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  • 3 year Marketing and Communication degree from the University of Bergamo.

  • EFR and CPR trained.

  • Stewards of Children Training (Darkness to Lights - March 2017 )

  • Divemaster Padi.

  • Former competitive swimmer in Italy.

  • Former Pro Football Player in Italy.

  • 7 years experience as a football coach.

  • ASCA Swim coach    Level 2.

  • Babies and Toddlers Swimming instructor.

  • Tennis coach during Summer camps

  • Foundation award in Gaelic Football Coaching

  • Former Football regional referee.

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